October 2020: Tom Prentice joins the group to start his PhD

December 2019: Frances Singer graduates with a PhD

December 2019: Chris Horbaczewskyj graduates with a PhD

December 2019: Christiane at the Postdoctoral Conference

James Williams joins the group as a first year PhD student

August 2019 – Abi wins a prize for her poster at ISBOMC 2019

14th December 2018: Christiane won first prize for her talk at the Annual Postdoc Conference

13th December 2018: Abi graduated with her MSc

14th November 2018: Christiane Schotten and Hamish Stephen attend Challenges in Catalysis VI Symposium in London.

Wasupol (Bank), and his examiners Paul Newman and Michaele Hardie, after his PhD viva.

Willans research group, Christmas 2017. From left to right: Jonathan Fowler, Emily Roome, Hamish Stephen, Frances Singer, Wasupol Rungtanapirom

Jordan’s PhD viva, December 2017

Willans research group, Christmas 2016 Frances Singer, Jordan Holmes, Wasupol Rungtanapirom

Willans research group, Christmas 2015 Joe Sheppard, Grant Sherborne, Jonathan Fowler, Rachel Kearsey, Jordan Holmes, Heba Abdelgawad, Daniel Lovesey, Mike Chapman, Wasupol Rungtanapirom

Willans research group, Christmas 2015, including Frances Singer (front right)

Willans research group, Christmas 2014, Natalie Lambert, Jordan Holmes, Susan Henkelis, Heba Abdelgawad, Wasupol Rungtanapirom, Grant Sherborne, Jonathan Fowler, Mike Chapman

Yarseen Shafi (MSc) optimising the electrochemical flow cell

Ben Lake’s graduation, 2014

Willans research group, Christmas 2013, Helen Blundell, Jordan Holmes, Oliver Hemming, Grant Sherborne, Ben Lake, Heba Abdelgawad, Katie Paske, Mike Chapman

Willans research group summer 2013, afternoon tea. Heba Abdelgawad, Madhurima Das, Wasupol Rungtanapirom, Ben Lake, Mike Chapman, Andrew Spencer, Jordan Holmes

Coordination and Organometallic Chemistry Discussion Group Meeting 2013, dinner on the Thames. Ben Lake, Charlotte Willans, Heba Abdelgawad

Emma Bullough’s graduation, 2013

Willans research group, Christmas 2012, Ben Lake, Charlotte Willans, Emma Bullough

Willans research group, Christmas 2011, Ben Lake, Emma Bullough (back), Jake Bumpus, Sophie Flanagan (front)

Willans research group, Christmas 2010, Emma Bullough, Adam Millett, Ben Lake, Diana Monteiro