• A major EPSRC grant was recently awarded to the group, for research involving collaboration with Bao Nguyen, Richard Bourne and Nik Kapur.  The team in Leeds will develop a multifunctional flow platform that integrates electrochemical catalyst synthesis, screening and optimisation. The project is supported by industry, with companies from reactor developers, equipment and software suppliers and potential downstream users forming a strategic industrial advisory board.
  • Newton fund (overseas development assistance) working with Prof. Ian Fairlamb on recovering precious metal waste for re-use in catalysis.
  • In collaboration with Dr Bao Nguyen and Prof Nik Kapur we were awarded a Dial-a-Molecule grant for proof of concept work on switchable metal catalysis
  • In collaboration with Dr Bao Nguyen and Dr Natalie Fey (Bristol), we were awarded Dial-a-Molecule statistical methods network funding to develop ligand maps.
  • In collaboration with Dr Richard Bourne and Dr Victor Sans Sangorrin (Nottingham), we have been awarded funding from the catalysis hub for a 2 year PDRA to develop a multifunctional flow platform for enhanced biobutanol production
  • We are also supported by AstraZeneca and the University of Leeds.